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Carlos and Clarissa

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How To Forgive

First let's start by stating what forgiveness is NOT. It is NOT condoning  a person's actions. It is NOT forgetting what they have done. It is NOT denying the fact that they have hurt you.

Forgiveness is a process (that may take some time), it says I don't appreciate what you did, what you did will always be apart of the fabric that makes up our relationship and what you did hurt me deeply. But in spite of all that, I am choosing to no longer be angry with you. I realize that being angry with you is only hurting me so I am going to let "IT" go!!

Here is a word of warning to you. You will want to learn forgiveness whether you receive an apology from the person or not!! This is something we will talk about more in-depth next week. You have to remember that forgiveness is NOT about THEM, it's about YOU and your peace of mind!!

What are your thoughts on this subject? We'd love to hear your feedback.

~ Carlos and Clarissa

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